Who we are

Mushin to the World(MTTW)

Mushin To The World movement is a Non-For-Profit group/movement with the sole aim of re-engineering the mindset of the youth of this great community to present itself with solutions by its own indigenous youth, taking the community to a whole new level that showcase a 21st century living and development.

We are a group of Compassionate Individuals from this community – #Mushin that comes together to work as 

a team with the objectives of reducing the rate of unemployment by empowering the youth and re-engineering our mindset towards a common goal of totally transforming the community through our individual and collective team strength in the area of individual skills using every available tools to improve our livelihood, and seeking support, etc….

MushinToTheWorld (MTTW) was established in July 2017. It is a Non-For-Profit group with the aim of transforming lives, re-engineering the mindset of her citizenry and with particular focus on the youth.

We also focus on developing our community with support from the public, corporate/private organizations and the government, thereby changing our world by thinking globally and building locally.

Also, the Foundation presents solutions to social problems by its own indigenous youth, thereby taking the community to a whole new height of a 21st century sustainable society driven by peaceful living and development.

Furthermore, we also aim to achieve this feat by finding innovative solutions and partnering with relevant authorities/sectors in creating awareness as we drive towards positive change thereby moving our society forward.

Our focus/objectives are specifically selected in line with the United Nation’s agreement on 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by year 2030.

These objectives include:

• Education.

• Environment.

• Promoting Peace & Social Justice

MTTW over time has championed several activities around youth empowerment, advocacy for sustainable peace, environment and development in the community, through education, image rebranding, redefining and remodeling of our community.

This is important to us in order to achieve a better inclusive community and global development.

The foundation’s long term goal is to create a 3D rescue mission which will cut across the foundation’s core objectives, where we plan to DiscoverDevelop, and Deploy youths so they can be champions on their own. Each beneficiary is expected to cause an exponential increment in our success stories.

Our Core Objectives

We have carefully selected these objectives with special consideration and the peculiarities of our community, where we have presence, with particular focus on three key important area, selected in line with the United Nations SDG Agenda of 2030 – Quality Education, Sustainable Living & Environment and Promoting Peaceful Co-existence.

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