What we do

The foundation’s long term goal is to create a 3D rescue mission which will cut across the foundation’s core objectives, where we plan to Discover, Develop, and Deploy youths so they can be champions on their own. Each beneficiary is expected to cause an exponential increment in our success stories.

Our advocacy programs are primarily to promote the good interests or cause of our people — most especially the youth, and the general population of our people in Mushin.

We advocate for, recommends, and supports no go cause and policies, placed or enacted in the interests of the people of MUSHIN on areas such as promoting peaceful co-existence, sustainable living, provision of quality education across board and helping our youth in finding their voices through one of our project — 3D Project.

Discover, Develop and Deploy.

We also focus on developing our community with support from the public, corporate/private organizations and the government, thereby changing our world by thinking globally and building locally.